Everest Hiking Service

Everest Hiking Service Pvt. Ltd. is a Kathmandu based local trekking, tour, and adventure company. We operate our service in Nepal  Bhutan and Tibet. Our website name is www.hikingeverest.com, The team of Everest Hiking Service are qualified and have enough experience to serve trekking, tours, hiking, and adventure services in Himalayas mountain. Our team members are trained to speak English and other languages to communicate with travelers.
The company is one of the leading Tour and trekking Operator for the Himalayas. We provide trekking and tours related services. We Spend in high Himalaya entire life, so our life experience and professional experience both are helpful to do great Himalayas service business.

Our experienced trek guides, tour leaders have experience from a different reputed company in the past can provide responsibly and customize service according to customer need. Our mountain climbers have multiple times experience of climbing of high mountains including Mount Everest.

The team has enough and comprehensive knowledge about a high altitude service. We have the network in Tibet and Bhutan with local companies to operate and handle multi-country tours and trekking.
We promise to provide the best service on mountains vacation and responsible tourism to protect nature and the environment as a natural way.

Everest Hiking Service Pvt.Ltd. Operates some of the best tours and trekking in the world like Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, and so on, we want to arrange and show the top destination of the Himalayan region. You can enjoy it at your speed. Thus, we can facilitate to think about what kind of tours would suit you best. Once on a journey, we can help you to get the best out of it. As an experienced team, we provide you with exceptional customer service. Let us change your dreams to true. For more information go on himalayashiking.com