When a traveler chose a travel destination, the first question that arises to their mind is about travel safety and security in that place. We get a lot of queries regarding the safety and security aspects while traveling to Nepal. Here are some of the information that will let you know more about the security and safety aspects of travelling to Nepal.

Political aspects – Nepal is more stable now than it was in past years. At present, strikes are less noted so from the political aspect, Nepal is secure for travelling. You can know about the present political scenario of Nepal from the news channels as well. In case any strike occurs, please seek for news channels and don’t travel during strikes and curfews if any, though it is rare now.

General advice

  • Travel insurance is highly recommended
  • Do not travel alone if you opt for trekking to any trekking routes.
  • Register with your embassy if you opt for trekking in Nepal.
  • Make sure that you have obtained necessary travel permits.
  • Always carry passports, your tickets and travel permits with you.
  • Be aware of altitude sickness, its symptoms, and safety measures. Acclimatize yourself as per the necessity.
  • Travelling to local buses can be hectic.
  • Always be wide not to drink random water from the tap or unsealed bottle water.
  • Carry a mask during your travel in the cities to protect yourself from dust.
  • Carry general medicines (first aid kit) with you in case of any possible circumstances.

Beware of

  • People especially women and child who ask for money on the way.
  • Some saints may offer tika and ask for money. Try to avoid them.
  • Gemstone dealers and other souvenir dealers. Some souvenirs may cost you a lot due to heavy taxes at custom.
  • Thieves, thugs and pick pocket.

Travel Insurance

When it comes to travelling to Nepal, travel insurance is an essence. It is better to have insurance coverage than travelling with risk or uncertainty. Who knows what might happen during the travel? Make sure that your travel insurance covers emergency evacuation and medical costs. Insurance of minimum USD 100000 would ensure you against emergency situations that might occur on your way. The difficult paths and elevation gain are generally prone to accidents and altitude sickness respectively. Insurance coverage would help you get a helicopter for rescue purpose in those emergency situations.

There are various insurance companies that ensure you against travel risks. Select a reliable insurance company in your hometown and ensure yourself before travelling!

Stay safe! Nepal is a safe country for travel. But some precautions may help you for a better journey ahead.