The dense forests of Nepal are home to thousands of rare floras and faunas found in different topographical and climatic regions around the globe. Owning to diversity in geographical regions that varies from Himalayan, Hilly to Terai belt, the forests of Nepal possess those floras and faunas that are found in extremely cold conditions in Himalayan region to an extreme hot temperature in thick forests of Terai. Jungle safari in Nepal is an adventure act where one can encounter various interesting animals and birds in their own natural habitat. Imagine yourself on a jeep or an elephant and you traverse into the thick dense forests of Chitwan National Park, a sudden encounter with one horned rhino or a tiger or other animals like leopard, deer, monkey, bear, langur, hyena, panda, peacock, peasant, etc. would be an amazing experience. Are you ready for this jungle fun? It is a great opportunity of getting close to wildlife in those dense forests of Nepal. You are likely to have a thrilling experience of being so close to wildlife.

Kathmandu City and Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour
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