So, basically what is trekking?

Trekking is just walking from one place to another. It’s a long journey that is embarked and finished on foot. You may cross various ascends, descends, hills, forests, mountains, rivers and lakes during a trek. Trekking in Nepal is taking a short to long journey along a trail that takes you somewhat near to the mountains.

How difficult is the trek and how long do we have to walk?

Trekking are categorized into different grades based on the hours of walk, types of paths, altitude range and endurance capacity required for its accomplishment.  Easy treks are generally shorter days’ trek that goes through the periphery of 3000-4000 meters. Moderate treks are those treks where one has to walk for few days on the periphery of 4000-5000 meters. Strenuous treks are generally longer and you will have to walk above the periphery of 5000 meters and above. Easy treks can be accomplished by anyone as far as one can walk. Moderate treks are a bit challenging and strenuous treks are those treks that can be accomplished by only those who are well acquainted with trekking and take trekking as their passion.

What kind of accommodation is available during the trek?

Based on the type of accommodation during the trek, accommodation is of two types – teahouse treks and camping treks. Generally, trekking routes do not have big comfortable hotels. There are guesthouses and lodges with facility of accommodation. They are cozy but comfortable and clean. But you can opt for camping trek as well. In this kind of trek, you will carry your private tents and set up tents on the stopping point of your journey. In some places, where accommodation is not available, camping trek becomes the must; especially on the off beaten route treks.

Are there private rooms and bathrooms available?

Private rooms are available in guesthouses and lodges but in the peak trekking season and the lodges in high altitudinal region, private rooms may not be possible. Generally, the rooms in the guesthouses and lodges during your trek are available on a twin sharing basis. There are no attached bathroom and hence should be shared. However, the bathrooms are clean and useable.

What kind of food is served during the trek?

If you have opted for a teahouse trek, then your breakfast and dinner will be served at the guesthouse. Lunch will be served at the restaurants or lodges/ teahouses on the way. If you opt for camping trek, then you will be served with the foods (three board meals) prepared by us. The food available in the guesthouses are generally the traditional Nepalese food – Dal, Bhat and Tarkari i.e. boiled rice, lentils and vegetable curry. You may even have option of western foods such as pizza and French fries but it depends on the guesthouses and services they offer.