Unlike other tours and treks, Nepal village tours are designed with an objective of getting some insights on interesting village life of rural Nepal. Nepal has always been an alluring place whether it be for mountains, hills, forests, river, lakes or for people, their culture, religion, tradition or their lifestyle. Nepal village tours take you to some interesting villages of Nepal and let you explore its richness. The people, their culture, custom, lifestyle and the pristine air of rural Nepal are some of the not to be missed aspects of Nepal Village Tours. Nepal village tours can be inspiring! You can see the struggle of people for a living. How they are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry for livelihood, how they are struggling for the basic needs in the place of topographical difficulty, how they use simple and traditional methods for agriculture and livelihood. But within these difficulties, they live a happy life with satisfaction. They have a bright smile on their face within all different situations which is an encouragement for anyone who would opt for Nepal village tours!

Chisapani-Nagarkot Hiking
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