The thrill of jumping from a height into a river with rocky terrain besides that narrows down along the river is an ultimate thrill that any adventure lover would seek for! Experience the free fall with an elastic rope tied to you into the Bhotekoshi river of Nepal. It is probably one of the best experiences you will ever have. It’s a way to overcome your fear and a do dare act. The bungee jump location over the Bhotekoshi river is considered to be the best destination around the globe for free fall.

Designed by one of the leading bungee consultants of New Zealand and operated by the experienced masterminds, bungee jumping experience over Bhotekoshi river is full of adventure and immense natural beauty. So, are you ready for this excitement of falling down from a 166-meter-wide suspension bridge into the Bhotekoshi river with Everest Hiking Service?

Bhotekoshi Bungee jumping
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